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Active alignment as a service

The demand for high-quality machine vision systems and optical sensors for a wide range of applications in many different industries is steadily increasing, and imaging systems that enable better optical performance are required. In this context, the reduction in pixel size and increase in pixel density of modern image sensors pose a challenge to the precise optical alignment of lenses and sensors. Our expertise and equipment meet the requirements and we provide you with necessary optical alignment solutions.

TRIOPTICS ProCam® Align Smart

Active alignment technology

  • Active alignment with sub-micron/sub-arc min resolution
  • Five or six alignment axes
  • Suitable for wide-angle optics with a field of view (FOV) up to 170°1)
  • Alignment of sensor to the camera optics and vice versa
  • The components are focused in a single alignment step, centered, tilt-adjusted and rotated with respect to each other
  • For stereo or triple cameras as well as for LiDAR systems
  • Up to 100 modules a day
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Spectral response measuring

We offer reliable spectral measurement services, and accurate color-measurements of solid and liquid samples. We can measure optical reflection, transmission and absorption properties of samples with high precision in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelength ranges. We can also perform spectral fluorescence measurements (ultraviolet and visible light).

The data gained from the measurements can be used, e.g., for designing light sources and optical filters, for optimal detection of objects-of-interest in machine vision applications, for determining products’ optical reflection and transmission properties in various wavelength regions, for designing product’s color appearance for various observers under different illuminations, and for designing the fluorescence-properties of products.

Panasonic UA3P-3100

Accurate 3D quality assurance

Our Panasonic UA3P-3100 represents state-of-art when measuring surface shapes. Although the measurement probe physically contacts with measured surface, the novel Atomic Force Probe (AFP) technique enables forces which do not damage the surface to be measured. The probe is held by a micro-air slider, and its movement is detected by focused laser beam to ensure ultra-low force and virtually no physical interaction between the probe and measured surface. This makes it possible to measure fragile or soft polymer surfaces without fear of scratching or damaging.
Panasonic UA3P-3100 is an ideal metrology instrument for aspheric lenses, molds, mirrors, diffractive lenses, and free-form lenses.
The UA3P-3100 A50 key specifications:
  • Probes down to 2 µm radius of curvature
  • Measuring force 0.05 – 0.30 mN
  • Measurement accuracy 0.05 µm
  • Measurement area 50 mm x 50 mm
  • Measurement range 20 mm
  • Maximum surface slope 75°
  • Maximum of 1 million measurement points, 2000 points/sec.
  • Does not damage fragile or soft surfaces

Photonics Joensuu at your service

Project management

The Photonics Center is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients. We bring together the best experts from research, technology and business for each individual project.

If your company is seeking specialized expertise to advance your photonics business goals, please feel free to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to discuss how our team and partners can best serve your needs. Our mission is to help you achieve success and achieve it efficiently and cost-effectively.

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