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The home of Photonics Joensuu, a co-operative community of companies, researchers, students, events and decades of experience.
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Prototyping and quality assurance for optical appliances
A reliable partner in the path of crafting your product from design to a working sample.
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Latest news and information about events taking place in Joensuu Photonics ecosystem.
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Active alignment as a service

Your prototyping partner

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About us

About photonics center

Explore state of the art facilities for photonics – a combination of business, collaboration and research under the same roof – opened in 2022. Photonics Center is the home of Photonics Joensuu, an infrastructure where experts, equipment and tailored services come together to innovate a brighter future. Our facilities support co-operation and enable the rental use of clean rooms, laboratories and office facilities, all in the same location. Ensure your place in this unique photonics ecosystem to grow and develop your business.

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Active alignment

Active alignment technology improves image quality and reduces production rejects. Our TRIOPTICS ProCam® Align Smart guarantees precise, fast and repeatable alignment. It is an efficient production method for high-end camera and LIDAR applications, providing high yield and superior image quality.

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Spectral response measuring

Spectral response measurements for RGB cameras in visible and NIR (up to 1000 nm) wavelength ranges. Suitable for variety of camera types such as wide angle mobile cameras and DSLR's. An automated system provides accurate and high-resolution results for your camera development process.

Quality assurance

Measuring even complex surface shapes accurately, using optical design formulas or 3D data point group as measurement input. Our instrument identifies the differences between measured and design data. This information can be used as feedback for component design.

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Project management

We offer quick and centralized access to the equipment and know-how of Photonics on both operational and contractual level. Projects can consist of prototyping, product development, small series production and custom endeavours for businesses in the field of optical applications and camera modules.

A cluster of benefits

Photonics Joensuu

Photonics Center is a subsidiary of Business Joensuu, whose main owner is the City of Joensuu. University of Eastern Finland, Karelia and Riveria act as partner organisations for Photonics Center, bringing their own services, infrastructure and expertise into the Photonics Joensuu innovation ecosystem and are involved in developing Photonics Center’s business.

These organisations are no strangers to each other. Before the founding of Photonics Center, they jointly created a photonics education path, where experts in the field of photonics are trained from the secondary education level all the way to doctoral degree level. The natural continuum from this earlier work was to create a world-class place for companies to grow and develop! The partner organisations have each brought their own strengths to secure growth in the business community. The aim of Photonics Center is to serve companies on a one-stop-shop basis – seamlessly and effortlessly from one place. At Photonics Center the research collaboration facilitates new innovations, product development and flexible prototyping.

The service offering consists of Photonics Center’s own services as well as the special expertise of each partner organisation. The equipment owned by Photonics Center can be used by all companies, without anyone having to tie up capital for equipment purchases. The facilities are located on the university campus and have been remodelled for business needs. The synergy with the university further increases the vitality of companies and the research world.

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