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The demand for high-quality machine vision systems and optical sensors for a wide range of applications in many different industries is steadily increasing, and imaging systems that enable better optical performance are required. In this context, the reduction in pixel size and increase in pixel density of modern image sensors pose a challenge to the precise optical alignment of lenses and sensors. Our expertise and equipment meet the requirements and we provide you with necessary optical alignment solutions.

High-tech tools

Active alignment technology

  • Active alignment with sub-micron/sub-arc min resolution
  • Five or six alignment axes
  • Suitable for wide-angle optics with a field of view (FOV) up to 170°1)
  • Alignment of sensor to the camera optics and vice versa
  • The components are focused in a single alignment step, centered, tilt-adjusted and rotated with respect to each other
  • For stereo or triple cameras as well as for LiDAR systems
  • Up to 100 modules a day
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